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Isolation 50:18


"Isolation is a defence mechanism in psychoanalytic theory first proposed by Sigmund Freud. While related to repression the concept distinguishes itself in several ways. It is characterized as a mental process involving the creation of a gap between an unpleasant or threatening cognition, and other thoughts and feelings. By minimizing associative connections with other thoughts, the threatening cognition is remembered less often and is less likely to affect self-esteem or the self concept. Freud illustrated the concept with the example of a person beginning a train of thought and then pausing for a moment before continuing to a different subject. His theory stated that by inserting an interval the person was "letting it be understood symbolically that he will not allow his thoughts about that impression or activity to come into associative contact with other thoughts.” As a defense against harmful thoughts, isolation prevents the self from allowing these cognitions to become recurrent and possibly damaging to the self-concept."

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"Earlyguard fortunately overcame the state of delivering Ambient music that is based on personal backgrounds, simple-minded states of nature and other related phenomena. This is, if you will, erudite Ambient which thankfully functions on two different layers: it can be enjoyed without knowing the reason of its existence or the aesthetic driving factor, but the true key in understanding this work is by cherishing the explanatory notes."

"Sustaining interest over 50 minutes is not easy, but Earlyguard is definitely a master of this kind of minimalist composition — you can put it on in the background, but if you listen closely there are small shifts in tone and shade and little pseudo-melodies that crop up, and you find yourself staring at the wall and blanking out while listening. Very nice indeed! I reckon Earlyguard is one of the best long-form ambient composers on the globe right now."

"I don’t know much, but what I do know is that Nobody is here, but that there are still songs of angels that seem to make some appearances, closely feeding you a certain after-life experience in which we had been half way stuck in that legendary tunnel towards that famous light."


released October 11, 2013

composed and produced by
Thomas Frühwacht




Earlyguard Germany

Thomas Frühwacht aka Earlyguard explores minimalist, postclassical, ambient and other electronic music genres

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