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Alterations ~ events that occur when something passes from one state or phase to another.

"In fact, it’s debatable whether this is an ambient album at all. I’m a big fan of mid-20th century avant-garde composers, and that’s what this most closely represents. By that I mean particularly two key composers, Feldman and Ligeti. The use of vibraphone- and bell-type sounds, dissonant but organized, is very redolent of Feldman’s gentle and spacious pieces like “Rothko Chapel“..."

"Alterations is a special release, no doubt about that. There is hope throughout the 45 minutes duration that does shift you from one state of mind to another in an exquisite manner. As someone who is exposed to this particular drone(ness) and abstract(ness) on a regular daily basis, I personally digest every bit of awesome(ness) Alterations has to offer on a single listen alone."

"This piece is as progressive and prolonged as one expects from Earlyguard. Furthermore, it is highly mystical and even psychedelic."

"Alterations by Earlyguard is a fantastic longform soundscape which is more in keeping with a soundtrack than a longform drone. He has certainly upped the bar for the other longformers out there ... and made what could possibly be his best recording yet."


released June 6, 2014




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Earlyguard Germany

Thomas Frühwacht is a composer of electroacoustic music. In October 2010 he started releasing his music under the moniker Earlyguard, an English translation of his last name. His musical palette consists of longform ambient soundscapes, created with a sense for minimalism and musical abstraction. 

Please follow @Earlyguard on Twitter for more information on his music and other activities.
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